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Russell Brown@MAX: MAX Forward into the Past — With Augmented Reality


Saturday Oct. 13 – Monday Oct 15 with a full conference pass

Learn from the past, design in the present, and dream of the future.

Russell Brown@MAX is a hands-on course designed for art directors, designers, illustrators, and photographers to learn advanced imaging techniques. Led by Adobe Principal Creative Director and world-renowned time traveler Doc Brown, along with his distinguished team of creative futurists, you’ll work with some of the best designers and instructors in the industry.

This year’s MAX Forward into the Future-themed training will teach you how to capture, edit, and create compelling augmented reality worlds. Keep in mind that this is an advanced course and a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is essential.

Using the latest desktop and mobile applications, we’ll turn your vision into compelling graphic imagery. When we’re done, you will have mastered new skills in advanced image editing and discovered unique ways to use Adobe’s latest tools. Taught using Apple iMac computers, Russell Brown@MAX features a limited class size and an intimate, inspiring environment for in-depth instruction.

Each designer will create their own futuristic, Doc Brown Lunchbox that will be printed on an Roland printer. Remember - there are no rules. Get wild and stay crazy!

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What to expect
  • Create an amazing augmented reality project
  • Exhibit in a MAX gallery displaying all class projects in the Community Pavilion
  • Capture images in a professional photography studio - BYO smartphone, iPad, or camera for taking photos.

Russell Brown – The Ultimate Time Traveler, Doc Brown

Dan Mumford – Galactic Illustrator & Poster Designer

Von Glitschka – Graphic Designer from the FUTURE!

Joe Caserto – Time Traveling Typographer

Erik Natzke – Researcher from the Space-Time Continuum

Michael Ninness – A Visionary Who Sparks Your Creativity

Technical Level: Advanced